Why more recruiters should be using Google Plus

I know it starts to feel a bit overwhelming when you constantly feel like you’re obliged to sign up to the newest social networking site in an attempt to stay in touch with social media trends. But let’s face it, Google Plus isn’t really “new” anymore, so if you aren’t a user yet, you are already being left behind.

Google Plus Logol

Let’s discuss why:

First of all, Google is a global corporation, specialising (and dominating) in Internet-related services and products. If that doesn’t suggest to you that they know what they’re doing with Google Plus in the social media space, then I don’t know what would.

For recruiters, it’s doing wonders.

Circles are awesome” – that they are. Google Plus’s Circles allow you to organize your contacts. And organize efficiently. Which is what puts it in the “recruiter-friendly-social-networking” category. Circles are essentially folders where you take all the contacts you want to use and file them neatly into their own folder. This plays nicely to the fact that as recruiters we tend to share and communicate different information to different people, in different ways. This allows us a respectable amount of privacy and control.

And just last December, Google Plus took Circles to the next level of excitement, with Communities. It’s a forum-like feature that allows us to join groups based on industries, hobbies, interests, etc. It allows people with similar lifestyles and interests to connect, discuss, and chat in real time – uh, “hangout”, if you will. It’s a great way to attract candidates into one pool and equally as good at keeping us recruiters up-to-date with trends.

Like any savvy brand (think Apple or Microsoft ), Google has pushed all its services and products into a neat little integrated package, with each link directly and working with each other. For example, Google Plus with Gmail, Google Docs and even our beloved Chrome web browsers. This means we log in on one site and all our candidate information and data, contacts and even search history, is accessible wherever you login, whether it’s on your own device or not. They call it: Data Liberation. A great, simple touch.

Google Plus has also really hit the mark with Hangouts as it allows us to have real-time group conversations in a professional, online space. Not only this, but you can share calendars with those in your circles too. So it saves us time in contacting and coordinating multiple people. And we all know how excited us recruiters get about anything that alludes to saving time.

It would be silly not to note the fact that Google Plus’s search feature is a big benefit. Google was obviously built on the premise of web search, so the strength of search plays out across the entire group of services. But within Google Plus in particular, it allows for easy search and tracking of people, candidate and company profiles.

And what really stands out for me is the idea that once you find people you want to connect with, there’s none of this trivial requesting, accepting, approving or declining. It’s simple and professional. There are ‘add, move or remove’ options for your circles and that’s as simple as it needs to be.

Of course Google Plus is spectacular and feels like it had us recruiters in mind when it was developing; allowing us to do our jobs just that little bit better. But what we really seem to be missing is the vast scope of people using it – 100 million users. Not bad Google Plus. But we can do better.

I feel like it’s all there, ready to roll out into something significant for our industry, but we are still waiting for everyone to come to the party. I can’t put candidates in my circles and invite hiring managers to Hangouts if they’re not aboard the Google Plus train yet.

So let’s get up to speed. Recruiters who were quick on the uptake of Linkedin have been rewarded with a solid network and I dare say it could be the case for Google Plus too. Spread the word, it’s here for the taking.

2 thoughts on “Why more recruiters should be using Google Plus

  1. the other point is that Google are pushing all users of their devices (Nexus etc) to create a Google Plus account in order to download any apps in their Play story so more people are opening up to the platform whether they realize it or not. This is also the case now for all new Android phones I believe.

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