New Year, New Direction

Having been to the London bloggers network meeting this week I  left wondering with excitement what my blog will become in 2013?

I started a personal blog last year as I felt more often than not on my company blog I was having to be approach topics in a solely professional way and really wanted to find my voice. Anyone who has met me will know that I have a huge amount to say for myself (sometimes too much) and that I am really passionate about life. Having written journals for years I’m not sure why sharing my thoughts and opinions for all to see seemed so daunting, but it did. I also thought no one would read it but have gone on to do quite a few guest posts which has been great.

While still pondering how I want my blog to evolve in 2013 I  decided to look back and share some of the events of 2012 that have had an impact. 2012 really was a life changes year for me and although personally there were some really tough times I can see how I really grew as person. My biggest learn was to go with the flow, embrace whatever comes your way and do something your passionate about as life is too short to feel trapped.

So taking this onboard I made a career change, don’t get me wrong I will always love recruitment but I didn’t want to limit myself to agency life and wasn’t entirely convinced that I wanted to go in house. Having recruited for marketing and digital and had marketing as part of my role coupled with my love of Social Media I decided to put myself out there. I have been so lucky that I picked up freelance work doing what I love and even better I feel like I am constantly learning. For the first time in my working life I don’t have a 5 year career plan and do you what it feels great as I am no longer putting pressure on myself. With my son having started school this year I also decided that a 9-5 was no longer what I wanted and I now finally feel I have found a balance and work fits around him. If by accident having given up the pursuit for happiness it found me and I blessed to feel so comfortable and content.

2013 looks set to be another big year not only am I turning the big 30 but I have also set myself the goal of #becomingfitbefore30 and have taken up running with my first 10k run in May. After years of fad diets I am now looking after my body the way it deserves. But what can you expect from this blog well just as my life isn’t neat and doesn’t fit in one box nor will my blog. Over the coming year I will cover social recruiting, social media, technologies that excite me, marketing and my outlook on the world so expect the occasional rant.

Whatever your blog resolutions or New years resolutions are,  make it count as the world really is your oyster.

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