Social Recruiting Tools

Here are some of the Social Media tools I use and why?

There is no value in data, the value comes from the interpretation of data, and Visibli is an online tool that will help with this. It’s used for real-time data analytics, allowing you to see how many clicks your links have received, who clicked them and how engaged they were, plus it’s fully customisable to agencies, businesses and individuals.

Another one, Sprout Social, allows businesses to monitor and manage conversations around their brand, plus easily publish and schedule posts across all social channels. This is one of my favourites, it’s a paid product but I use for engagements, tracking reach and also sourcingsprout social.

Social Bro is specifically for Twitter, it allows you to analyse your audience and understand in depth who is following you and when they are online. With a simple search, agencies can find candidates via online conversations they are having as opposed to hunting down bios. If you use lists on Twitter you should be using Social Bro.

I also use Hootsuite which is a web-based dashboard. I use it mainly for Twitter to engage with lists, but you can also  integrate FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and new Google+ Pages, plus there is a suite of social content apps for YouTube,TumblrMailChimpFlickr,

And lastly, Buffer. Buffer is a unique sharing tool which works across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It allows you to upload items that interest you and it scatters them across your social networks throughout the day, making your agency look seriously social savvy.

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