Holidays are coming – Christmas adverts are here already

With Christmas just round the corner, retailers are already starting to show this year’s adverts with John Lewis realising theirs today. As a parent I hate advert’s at the moment as my 4 year old seems to want to contents of Hamley’s and it’s only the beginning of November so I’ve got many more weeks of it. But there is something about this Christmas adverts that stay sketched in your mind and these are some of my favourites.

Last year’s Harvey Nichols’ ‘Walk of Shame’

Created by DDB London, Harvey Nic’s narrowly avoided a ban on this as the ASA received complaints that it was offensive and stereotyped women. Spot the end of the advert that requests people share their walk of shame stories on Twitter, using the hashtag #walkofshame

Its not Christmas without a seasonal advert from Coca Cola. The adverts fell into disuse in 2001, as the Coca-Cola company restructured its advertising campaigns so that advertising around the world was produced locally in each country.

Here come the girls Boots 2008 – Boots have decided this year to drop the its “here come the girls” strategy after five years in favour of a “let’s feel good” positioning as it seeks to appeal to a more diverse audience.

Finally – Irn Bru versus Snowman

Not the normally fluffy Christmas ad with the young boy losing his can to the Snowman and is dropped back to earth. What are your favourite Christmas adverts? and who do you think will win the crown for the best one of 2012?

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