The start up, why its an exciting place to be.



Having spoken to many candidates and clients over the last 12 months the one thing that really excites me is a start-up story. Both living in Cambridge and watching  “Silicon roundabout” grow it is incredible just how many there are. It was suggested earlier this year by Charles Armstrong  that there are, up to 5,000 technology-focused companies located in east London –with perhaps 10,000 people constituting Europe’s biggest challenge to Silicon Valley. My mind blog’s at this, so many ideas and innovations. I am watching in anticipation to which one’s maybe the next Google’s and Facebook’s.

What I find most fascinating is how different the culture is to the corporate world and how companies such as Yammer, Mind Candy and Unruly Media, which have grown beyond start-up status have still retain a ‘start-up mentality’. So what are the key ingredient’s to this culture within a business? This is a question I have been asking myself all week having been researching some and I haven’t been able to come to a definitive answer or what is the recipe for success, although these are some of the words I would use to describe what’s required.

  • Amazing vision and belief
  • Collaboration
  • Drive and determination
  • Boundary pushing
  • Risk taking

Are these enough to ensure a great culture? Or is there a secret magic ingredient’s? If I was a graduate today I think this is the route I would go down instead of some of the graduate programme as you are able to ride the wave to hopefully greatness and impact your career almost immediately.

I would love to hear other’s comments on this?

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